Wessex STC/STX-180 Mainframe Assembly

Grouped product items
No. Image Item No. Price Qty
1 WX-17680 Wessex WX-17680 ST Sweeper Front Cover

Out of stock
2 WX-26601 Wessex WX-26601 ST Front Cover Fastening Set

£3.02 £2.52
3 WX-10899 Wessex WX-10899 Hopper

£6.08 £5.07
4 WX-10879 Wessex WX-10879 ST180 Mainframe

£5,620.12 £4,683.43
Out of stock
5 WX-4351 Wessex WX-4351 Height Adjustment Bar

£79.46 £66.22
6 WX-0628 Wessex WX-0628 Clevis Pin

£7.33 £6.11
7 WX-0121 Wessex WX-0121 R Clip

£0.62 £0.52
8 WX-13056 Wessex WX-13056 Sweeper Ball Hitch

£54.70 £45.58
Out of stock
9 WX-9501 Wessex WX-9501 Ball Hitch Fastening Set

£3.79 £3.16
10 WX-18180 Wessex WX-18180 A Frame

£224.10 £186.75
11 & 44 WX-0826 Wessex WX-0826 Link Pin - Cat 1

£8.64 £7.20
12 & 42 WX-0227 Wessex WX-0227 Linch Pin

£1.06 £0.88
13 WX-12577 Wessex WX-12577 Drive Shaft Cover

£46.26 £38.55
14 WX-12977 Wessex WX-12977 Front Shaft Guard

£45.34 £37.78
15 WX-26701 Wessex WX-26701 Shaft Cover Fastening Set

£1.93 £1.61
16 WX-13551 Wessex WX-13551 Wheel Fork

£82.57 £68.81
17 WX-1520 Wessex WX-1520 Special Washer

£2.59 £2.16
18 WX-6303 Wessex WX-6303 Wheel Fork Fastening Set

£0.58 £0.48
19 WX-4452 Wessex WX-4452 Front Wheel ST

£92.70 £77.25
20 WX-7402 Wessex WX-7402 Axle Bolt

£8.93 £7.44
21 WX-4452C Wessex WX-4452C Front Wheel Inner Tube

22 WX-4452A Wessex WX-4452A Tyre

£34.56 £28.80
Out of stock
23 WX-7058 Wessex WX-7058 Tine Carrier

£170.69 £142.24
24 WX-3125 Wessex WX-3125 Tine

£10.30 £8.58
25 WX-27601 Wessex WX-27601 Tine Bar Fastening Set

£2.52 £2.10
26 WX-20801 Wessex WX-20801 Spring Tine Fastening Set

£3.60 £3.00
27 WX-12377 Wessex WX-12377 Belt Guard

£145.97 £121.64
28 WX-27001 Wessex WX-27001 Belt Guard Fastening Set

29 WX-13478 Wessex WX-13478 Front Apron

30 WX-6576 Wessex WX-6576 Clamp Bar (ST180)

£35.93 £29.94
31 WX-27101 Wessex WX-27101 STC Clamp Bar Fastening Set

£0.65 £0.54
32 WX-18480 Wessex WX-18480 Rubber Buffer

£23.04 £19.20
33 WX-4152 Wessex WX-4152 Rear Wheel (ST, CE-T)

£105.53 £87.94
34 WX-13051 Wessex WX-13051 Wheel Hub HTC

£83.88 £69.90
35 WX-1538 Wessex WX-1538 Bearing

£8.32 £6.93
36 WX-0838 Wessex WX-0838 Bearing (Sealed)

£9.90 £8.25
37 WX-4152A Wessex WX-4152A Rear Tyre

£63.90 £53.25
38 WX-14056 Wessex WX-14056 Hydraulic Hose Kit ST180

£94.61 £78.84
39 WX-0456 Wessex WX-0456 ST/Trailer Ram

£288.68 £240.57
40 WX-27201 Wessex WX-27201 Ram Fastening Set

41 WX-17980 Wessex WX-17980 Hopper Prop

£141.98 £118.32
43 WX-27301 Wessex WX-27301 Prop Fastening Set

45 WX-3822 Wessex WX-3822 Spiral Pin

£5.24 £4.37
46 WX-10278/18 Wessex WX-10278/18 ST180 Rubber Rim Protector

£48.74 £40.62
Out of stock
47 WX-18780 Wessex WX-18780 ST180 Hopper Door

£91.02 £75.85
48 WX-18880 Wessex WX-18880 ST180 Hopper Door

£91.02 £75.85
Out of stock
49 WX-27401 Wessex WX-27401 Hopper Door Fastening Set

50 WX-6281 Wessex WX-6281 P.T.O. Shaft (with O/R Clutch)

50 WX-6181 Wessex WX-6181 PTO Shaft for ST Sweeper

£714.07 £595.06
51 WX-13477 Wessex WX-13477 Extension Shaft Guard

£24.97 £20.81
52 WX-6581 Wessex WX-6581 Universal Joint

£103.06 £85.88
53 WX-6838 Wessex WX-6838 Bearing

£26.88 £22.40
54 WX-29901 Wessex WX-29901 Bearing F/Set.

£5.76 £4.80
55 WX-6381 Wessex WX-6381 Extension Shaft

£78.00 £65.00
56 WX-6976 Wessex WX-6976 Shaft Support Bracket

£143.92 £119.93
57 WX-13377 Wessex WX-13377 Extension Shaft Guard

£31.94 £26.62
N/S WX-6481 Wessex WX-6481 Grub Screw

£1.44 £1.20
N/S WX-14156 Wessex WX-14156 Single Hose Clamp- Pair

£2.66 £2.22

Wessex STC/STX-180 Mainframe Assembly STC/STX-180 Mainframe Assembly

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