Hydraulic Tipping Trailers

For use with green waste and other large or bulky materials, mesh side extensions are available as an optional extra.

Product Description

Wessex hydraulic tipping trailers are available in 3 sizes; 1.25-ton, 1.5-ton & 3-ton gross weights. Aimed at the private estate, hobby farmer, groundscare & golf course applications, these popular trailers are ideal for hauling a variety of materials.

The optional weld-mesh extension sides are available on all models and will increase the carrying capacity when transporting bulky materials i.e. grass clippings and leaves etc.

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  • REMOVABLE SIDES – Versatility
  • HINGED TAILGATE – Ease of emptying
  • TURF TYRES – Minimal turf compaction
  • OPTIONAL EXTENSION SIDES – Increased carrying capacity
  • OPTIONAL LIGHTING KIT – Be seen in the dark!

1.25 Ton Trailer

  • Bed Length 1.9m
  • Bed Width 1.1m
  • Overall Length 2.7m
  • Side Height 0.35m
  • Bed Height 0.6m
  • Weight Capacity 1.25 ton gross
  • Tyre Size 20 x 8 x 10
  • Trailer weight 273.5kg

1.5 Ton Trailer

  • Bed length 2.1m
  • Bed width 1.2m
  • Overall length 3.14m
  • Side height 0.38m
  • Bed height 0.65m
  • Weight capacity (ton gross) 1.5
  • Tyre size 23×10.5×12
  • Trailer weight 342.5kg

3 Ton Trailer

  • Bed length 2.5m
  • Bed width 1.5m
  • Overall length 3.55m
  • Side height 0.39m
  • Bed height 0.7m
  • Weight capacity (ton gross) 3.0
  • Tyre size 26x12x12
  • Trailer weight 448.5kg


Increased carrying capacity

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