Frx 1024x775 1 - professional groundcare & agricultural equipment

You wouldn’t immediately associate cutting sports and amenity turf with an out front flail mower. Yet the Wessex FRX out front flail mower does just that and is far more versatile than you would imagine. It offers you in one machine the facility to cut long grass on verges and give you a premium finish on short turf.

This out-front mower has been specifically developed in conjunction with Stiga & Ransomes Jacobsen exclusively for their hydraulic power units but there are also PTO driven versions available to suit most leading brands of power unit. The design brief was to create a mower that is quiet, smooth and highly manoeuvrable and the FRX out front flail mower is all of that. Add in as well the capability to work at high speed without swathing the grass and you have a machine capable of high productivity with cost saving because you have the two machines in one.

For the operator out-front mowers have many advantages over rear mounted, namely excellent visibility, the ability to cut in confined areas, negotiate road signs on grass verges and work around trees and other obstacles. The finer cutting comes with the aerodynamic design of the flails producing maximum power efficiency while the 1.5m working width of the deck covers the ground quickly and efficiently. Adjusting the cutting height is a simple arrangement of repositioning the front wheels and rear roller to the same height either side using a lever mechanism. Mounting the FRX out front flail mower on its own wheels and full width roller also enables the mower to effectively follow ground contours.

You can see this Wessex FRX out front flail mower is built to be durable and under the skin is a heavy-duty 305mm rotor shaft, the roller is fitted with integral bearings for a long life and there are replaceable end caps and spigot shafts for reduced servicing costs. The Wessex FRX-150 is very definitely two mowers in one and the ideal machine for councils and contractors.