Wessex International are proud to be members of the professional organisations listed below.
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Wessex support the GMA (previously IOG), which is the professional representative organisation for the sports turf sector, and the people that work within it. The GMA represents your interests, your career, your company and your industry – and has helped so many to reach the very top of their profession.


The Association of European Turfgrass Producers, ETP, was formed on the 24th of November 2014 in Pisa. Its role is to connect the 700 or more turf growers throughout Europe, many of whom are quite isolated in terms of their geography, and in terms of their interaction with other growers. Bringing all those turf growers together will create a group with considerable potential for pooling resources, learning from each other, and tackling the issues facing our industry.


Formed in 1995, the TGA comprises some 50 companies (including affiliates), collectively responsible for producing approximately 70 percent of the cultivated turf grown in the British Isles and supplying specialist knowledge and infrastructure to that industry.