Agricultural Equipment - Straw Spreader & Bale Feeders

Wessex Agricultural Equipment – Spreader & Bale Feeders
Wessex International manufacture and distribute straw spreaders and bale feeders for livestock farmers, who require agricultural equipment and agricultural machinery that is built for demanding applications. You can reduce your feed waste and feed bills by 20% by using Wessex’s bale feeders. As well as being convenient and simple to use and maintain, the round bale feeders are versatile to suit your current machinery. The Wessex Crossfire straw spreader is unlike conventional straw choppers as it spreads the straw in its baled length, with minimal dust and projectiles, and up to ten meters. Prioritise the safety of both the animals and the operatives on the farm with a bale feeder and straw spreaders. Saving you time, money and waste. Get in touch with us here at Wessex International to book a demo now.