Trailer Spreaders

Prepare for winter with trailer salt spreaders from Wessex!

Available from 163ltr to 1,640ltr capacities, SnowEx and PolarOne salt spreaders can be mounted to a trailer to give vehicle flexibility. By using a trailer salt spreader, you can dramatically increase your salt capacity by towing (up to 3.5ton). This ensures fewer trips to the yard to top-up salt and you can use the vehicle throughout the day as required.

Trailer salt spreaders are quick and easy to unhitch. They can be relied upon winter after winter with stainless steel frames, ensuring no rust or costly downtime! Wessex manufacture and stock high-quality, durable trailer spreaders that meet the call of the job at hand and the demanding conditions they face.

The advanced technology to ensure the grit and salt evenly spreads is one area we’re proud of. The even covering allows for the terrain you’re traversing to be clear and usable without the need of multiple passes.

Wessex trailer salt spreaders are ideal for local authorities, highway maintenance contractors, and commercial users throughout the UK and Europe. The capabilities of the machinery makes any salt spreading task easy through their rebust and efficient design. 

Our team are ready to talk and will provide the most suitable spreader depending on your spread material and host vehicle. Get in touch via 01264 345870 to book a demo or find out more.

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