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The introduction of Wessex ProLine roller mowers in 2007 heralded a new dimension in sports and amenity turf maintenance. Not to be confused with rotary toppers or finishing mowers, the growth in popularity of the roller mower owes as much to tradition as it does to innovation. Take the traditional cylinder mower, long relied on for achieving a premium cut, and consider the annual costs of cylinder regrinds, bottom blade replacements, constant bed knife adjustments and hydraulic oil filters. Prior to the advent of roller mowers these were acceptable overheads for ensuring the highest quality finish on sports and amenity turf.

Times have changed with the migration to roller mowers of turf professionals responsible for ensuring the best possible cut at a more cost effective price. There had to be no discernible difference between roller and cylinder mown finishes and certainly that is what Wessex development set out to achieve. With full width rollers front and rear, combined with precision blades and exceptionally high blade tip speeds, the Wessex machines achieve a premium cut quality with a professional striped effect and, what’s more, they can do it at speed. So not only are costs saved on replacing parts, the actual time taken to do comparative cuts is reduced as well, resulting in higher productivity. You simply cover more ground faster and that brings other consideration into play.

The Wessex ProLine range includes Rigid Deck 1.8m, 2.4m and 3.0m, folding 3.6m and Tri-deck 5.0m, 5.6m, 6.8m and 8.0m folding wing Roller Mowers. This offering means there is a model to suit a whole range of requirements for large to small sports clubs, local authorities and councils, schools and contractors. Described as tough, reliable and efficient by current users, Wessex roller mowers have certainly gained a loyal following in a short time span compared to their traditional counterparts. At the end of the day seeing is believing and Wessex offer to arrange demonstrations for interested turf professionals.

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