Commercial Mowers & Turf Care Equipment

Wessex ProLine – Commercial Wide Area Mowers & Turf Care Equipment

Tractor mounted rotary mowers and professional turf care equipment you can rely on! When you invest in a Wessex ProLine commercial wide area mower, you buy into a rich heritage of excellence in groundcare & turf care equipment that stretches back for over six decades. Founded on the values of uncompromising quality, unrivalled durability, and performance unmatched in the demanding professional groundcare sector Wessex ProLine sets the standard.

Since 1962 the Wessex brand has become synonymous with superb quality and today the Wessex ProLine label marks out a premium range of groundcare machinery. Launched in the early years of the 21st century, the Wessex ProLine label denotes a product range of turf care equipment and turf machinery that professional groundsmen and contractors can operate and rely on, unfailingly.

Globally available through a carefully selected network of authorised professional groundcare dealers, Wessex ProLine commercial wide area mowers are ready for the challenge of a working life in the line-up of contractors and groundsmen. When you are depending on groundcare machinery to provide you with reliable and efficient performance, you need equipment that will stand up to the task without excuses.

Wessex ProLine commercial wide area mowers, turf equipment and tractor mounted rotary mowers are designed and built in the UK at our factory in Andover, Hampshire, and we aim to keep it that way. In an era when costs are being cut and quality is sacrificed for stringent budgeting, there’ll always be a place for equipment that’s crafted to the highest standards possible.