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The increased popularity of ATV’s and quad bikes to perform all sorts of tasks, often in difficult terrain, had led in recent years to Wessex International’s expansion of their range of ATV accessories. The professional range includes rotary mowers, pasture toppers, flail mowers, sweeper collectors and paddock cleaners, rollers, and fertiliser spreaders that double up for winter maintenance as salt spreaders and grit spreaders.

The Wessex name is well known for high quality towed flail mowers and the Wessex AF Series offers 1.2m and 1.6m working widths. They have been developed to meet the needs of contractors, farmers and estate owners and are well suited to controlling dense vegetation such as brambles, bracken, long grass and maintenance of forestry and woodland areas. Wessex rotary mowers have a reputation for being tough, reliable and effective, with a range of engine sizes, side and rear mounted wheels and a choice of width to suit the work. The popular Wessex SS sprayers are highly versatile with a 55 litre easy-to-clean tank and many user-friendly features. Easily fitted on an ATV or utility vehicle, they feature booms kept within the width of the bike to avoid damage and come as standard with a hand lance and hose for spot spraying. They are ideal for amenity, agricultural, estate and smallholding use. Come the winter a variation on this is designed to effectively spray brine solution. In the same context the trailed spreaders used for fertiliser during the course of the year have a winter maintenance option for salt spreading. If it’s weeds you need to control the Rotowiper is a cost-effective alternative to spraying, using less chemicals to do the work while it won’t kill off grass or clover. In the paddock a Dung Beetle is just the job for the busy equestrian yard, collecting muck and ‘grooming’ the grass, while a towed chain harrow will help to de-thatch. At the end of the day a good roller will smooth out the lumps and bumps and you can relax in the knowledge that given an ATV, there’s ATV accessories from Wessex to make life that bit easier.

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