Mower Blades – A Revolutionary cut

Mower blades - spirocut4

Operators of the Wessex range of RMX rigid deck roller mowers can achieve even better performance with the SpiroCut 4 mower blades system.

The unique system uses four precision GoldCut blade tips, a series of curved blade carriers and the laws of centrifugal force to create optimum performance and cut quality.

The purpose of the curved carriers is to ensure any debris collecting on the leading edges of the blades is immediately spun off into the path of the blade. The blade carrier is angled to achieve the effect and it’s centrifugal force that ensures the blade tip is constantly held in the optimum cutting position.

The result is increased cuts per revolution. In fact, cuts per revolution and updraft are doubled which translates into a premium cut quality at an even faster forward speed, thus maximising output and profitability.

The Wessex ProMulcher mower blades can also be used in conjunction with the SpiroCut 4 blade system for both maximum output and the added advantage of mulching the clippings