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Lincolnshire grounds maintenance services company GroundBoss Ltd. took delivery of a Wessex ProLine RMX 240 roller mower in April this year. At 2.54m wide the RMX 240 is the widest fixed deck roller mower you can legally transport on the UK roads. It is the ideal machine for contractors who need to travel between mowing jobs without incurring the costs of a folding wing model, yet it still offers a 2.4m cut.

That was one of the reasons GroundBoss’s Andrew Clarkson visited the Wessex stand at Saltex last year, having looked at two or three other makes, and subsequently contacted his local dealers, Chandlers, for a demonstration of the Wessex machine. Andrew has used roller mowers for around twenty-five years so he was familiar with what it did and how it works, and yet he was pleased with himself on his choice, having weighed the Wessex up against other rotary mowers.

The business is primarily landscaping and landscape maintenance, working for local authorities, schools, commercial premises and factories. The RMX 240 is mainly used on a Grimsby area factory’s grounds of about twenty acres and Andrew finds it the perfect tool for the job.

“It’s a good machine, well-built, I could see the build quality when I first looked at it, it looked right. Using it I am finding it solid, easy to work with and maintain and definitely the right choice. Everything is spot on. Behind a 90hp tractor you get a really good quality of cut at speed.”

Andrew confirms the RMX-240’s popularity is largely because of the excellent compromise between size and performance, with the width of cut allowing a large amount of grass to be processed by a relatively small body.